Châteaudouble, eagle’s nest of Dracénie!

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Perched to 525 m of altitude, the ancestral village of Châteaudouble already quoted in 1027 knew to preserve its medieval aspect. The absence of vehicles, except those of the residents, makes it possible to the visitors to walk in this village in all peace to admire its streets in calades, its arched passages, its houses with the carved pediments, signatures of the Templars.

The amateurs of the past will be able to carry their glances on the ruins of the two castles whose this village bears its name, of churches and vaults, laundrettes, and, from the top of view-point, the sight on the throats and the Midsummer’s Day vault. The church Notre Dame of the Annunciation, built in 1550, contains a classified movable rich person including three retables, a main door of 17th as well as baptismal font of the 16th century.
The Beausoleil place at the top of village regularly accommodates the evenings of summer of the musical entertainments under the plane trees vis-a-vis a panorama cutting the breath.

In Châteaudouble the sights are indeed seizing, the high frontages melting themselves in cliffs and dominating of a balance of 130 meters the throats of Nartuby.

The visitors curious about history, in love with accomplished nature or sportsmen (5 sites of climbing with 350 level roads 4 with 8b+) will find a good reason to come in our village whose entry is more picturesque: an oratory going back to several centuries, an enormous rock which is used as guard and a tunnel which opens up the way for a travel in the past.

At the bottom of the old road of the throats, the hamlet of Rebouillon, haven of peace and island of greenery built in hemicycle, astonishes by its light. The throats, classified and picturesque, accommodate a fauna and a flora rich person with in particular the remarkable presence of the golden eagle.

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Did you Know ?

Nostradamus and Châteaudouble.

The site naturally strengthened by its throats inspired one of the great figures of Provence, celebrates it doctor and Nostradamus astrologer. It evokes the village in one of these prophecies “Châteaudouble, double castle, the river will be your tomb” seeing in Nartuby it responsible for the wear of the cliffs which protect the village.

Do not miss!

– Splendid panorama of the Gorges de la Nartuby
– The belvedere of Agachon
– Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation
– The vaulted passages
– The plateau of St. Anne with the wind rose on the ruin of the castle

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