Varois character

Let yourself be guided and discover the most beautiful sites of the Var… to map!

From north to south, east to west, the Var is available in a mosaic of varied landscapes, enhanced by a natural and an architectural heritage of incomparable beauty.

Its natural assets, its record sunshine, the quality of its landscape, the preservation of its heritage sites, its enviable coastline …and the improvements its visitor services are what allowed the Var to consolidate its position as one of the top tourist destinations in France. The tourism sector is still the engine of its economic growth.

The quality of life and the environment that the region offers, means that its population has dramatically increased. Since 2011, the Var now counts more than a million people all year round, and almost twice that in summer. This exceptional attractiveness undoubtedly boosts the potential of the tourism industry in the Var.

The Var has also retained its agricultural industry but has enriched it with a high added value. A geographical guarantee of the origin of their products, for example in winemaking – with a predominance of rosé wine, a national or even international issue – and horticulture (cut flowers) are the two mainstays of this sector which attempts to diversify (market gardening, livestock, aquaculture …) while maintaining high yield niches (figs, honey, truffles …).

More and more hikers are taking advantage of the Var’s most beautiful settings in the growing sector of Eco tourism.  Walkers, cyclists and riders share their love of nature and respect for the environment in which they actively participate.

Popular in any season of the year, the eleven character villages of the Var offer a great chance to discover the crossroads of trails for sporting or family excursions: cave villages, restored chapels and oratories, priories and shrines, fountains, former community ovens, chestnuts and totally organic reserves, remarkable landscaped gardens, ramparts and Saracen towers, outdoor theaters…

The road of “villages de caractère”

Nestled in sun-drenched plains, hanging from fragrant hills, terraced lands dotted with vineyards and olive groves, proudly clinging to mountains, the Character Villages of the Var have buckets of charm and their assets speak for themselves.

A sculpted facade, an old door, a bas-relief, the altarpiece of a small chapel, all seem to whisper of a past both sacred and popular and full of both history and legend.

Narrow streets and picturesque alleys, bell towers and sundials, water fountains shaded by 100 year-old plane trees, these villages exude the essence of the good life.

Discover these special places which have forged the history and identity of the Var.

Departure: La Cadière d’Azur
To: Mons
Number of kilometers: 330 kilomètres environ
Journey Time: without constraint and at your own pace, it takes half a day to a day to tour each village.