Medieval village of the 12th century!

The Medieval village of Bargème (1,097 meters) is located high up and is an almost intact old feudal village of Provence. Precious stone set in the rock and perched in the sky, Bargème is one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Dominated by the stocky figure of a Romanesque church and the ruins of a mighty castle, you will discover an unforgettable panorama from the plateau; rough and rugged Canjuers, the Maures Mountains and the foothills of the Alps. Magical landscape as during the heart of winter the village is often covered with a veil of snow!

Did you know?

St. Petronilla watches over the village of Bargème:

St. Petronilla was a Roman martyr, the spiritual daughter of Saint Peter.

Bargème has a seventeenth century chapel dedicated to her in which Mass is celebrated every year on May 31. During this Mass as the chapel is located roadside, migratory herds, animals, the land, bread and salt are blessed.

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