Authentic by Nature!

Lose yourself in Ampus’ peaceful lands where time is suspended. Leave Draguignan passing through Nartuby which can sometimes be as tranquil as it is turbulent. Travel to the heart of Ampus, following the winding road which rises to the clouds crossing the hamlet of Lentier and its refreshing fountain.

Arriving at the neck of the Grange, breathless from the journey and the panorama, you will discover a splendid view of hills covered with vegetation, the city below and the sea in the background. Having appreciated the beautiful countryside of Ampus, you will continue to be enchanted a by the village of Ampus itself.

Picturesque streets, shady squares, gurgling fountains and wash houses await. Delight in a peaceful moment and take the time for a walk and appreciate the precious gift of easy living.

Did you know?

What do we call its inhabitants?

Back from hunting, the village priest was questioned by some dawdlers:

“So pastor, good hunting, caw, caw? Brandishing a shrike and a sparrow at a bad sort called Darnaga. He answered: I got two, one of which was an Ampusian! ”

Upset, they made off. From the time of this story and ever since the inhabitants of Ampus became known as… the Darnagas.

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july, 2020

1jul - 26augAll DayMarché provençal(All Day) AmpusV:Ampus

5jul - 30augAll DayMarché de producteurs et d'artisans(All Day) AmpusV:Ampus

8julAll DayPromenade gourmande(All Day: wednesday) AmpusV:Ampus

26julAll DayVide Grenier(All Day: sunday) AmpusV:Ampus

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